Palyaninpa Jimarti Baju Economic Development Strategy 2023-2026


This Martu Strategy sets out a yiwarta (a path) for our people to work together, to create partnerships with non-Martu, and to build wealth for our families. We can do this and respect our grandfathers’ (Jamukurnu) and grandmothers’ (Yapalikurnu) country (ngurra), knowledge and ninti.

There are many opportunities – in mining, arts and culture, community services, environmental management, tourism and more.


Palyaninpa Jimarti Baju Martukaja-Ku (2023-2026) presents a framework and approach for Martu representative organisations to collaborate on and align efforts that help Martu women and men explore economic, business and employment opportunities that enhance our quality of life as individuals, families and a community in which economic prosperity, social wellbeing, connection to country and sustainability are cherished.

The strategy fosters a more inclusive and participatory approach to community driven economic development. It proposes methods to pursue opportunities for Martu-led development, integrating culture, community and connection to country.


Download a pdf copy of the Palyaninpa Jimarti Baju Strategy 2023-2026