Travelling through Martu ngurra

Travelling through Martu ngurra

Exclusive possession native title rights mean Martu have a right to control access to their country. The only publicly open roads are the Ripon Hills / Telfer / Punmu / Kunawarritji Road, and the Talawana Track. Kuju Yirwarra (Canning Stock Route) requires a permit.

Martu ngurra is equal to any other desert wilderness in Australia for its remoteness, tranquillity and challenges for travellers.

That’s why so many people from all over the world are intrigued and beguiled by the prospect of travelling this landscape.

The vast majority of people planning to visit want to make sure they respect the Martu owners of the country.

Martu are charged by their ancestors to look after their country for descendants yet to come.

This includes keeping their ancestors’ secrets, maintaining sacred places, and managing risks of fire, introduced species and the intrusion of recreational and extractive visitors.

Every year Martu are visiting and refreshing places, finding artefacts as they go. Most tracks through Martu ngurra are for Martu use only. You shouldn’t use them, and you risk damaging or intruding on significant heritage places if you leave a track.

Simply being in the wrong place can cause serious problems for Martu and for you. The only way to know is if you’re with Martu, or have checked with JYAC first.

Mining and exploration companies enter into agreements with us which includes rules about where they may construct tracks, if and how they can travel off roads and tracks roads, including often requiring they are accompanied by Martu monitors.

If you’re planning a trip to Martu ngurra, be sure to check in with us.