JYAC’s responsibilities

JYAC's responsibilities

Jamukurnu Yapalikurnu Aboriginal Corporation – JYAC – is the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) that holds and manages native title for the Martu common law holders of the Martu native title determinations.

JYAC works to advance the cultural, social and economic strengths of Martu people, now and for the future.

JYAC’s role and responsibilities:

  • manage Martu people’s native title rights and interests
  • support Martu people’s aspirations, including for lore and culture, vibrant communities, health, education andbusiness development
  • collaborate with other Martu organisations such as Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) Rangers, Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service (PAMS) (health services), Martu School Alliance and Martumili
  • negotiate, implement and monitor agreements for care of, access to, and use of Martu ngurra
  • generate income from land agreements and mining to be held in trust for the benefit of Martu people
  • work with the Commonwealth, State and local Governments and industry to create partnerships and investmentsfor Martu people – within on-country communities and across the Pilbara and Kimberley regions