Protecting Country

JYAC is working on different fronts to protect ngurra.

  • JYAC uses contract agreements for companies and government agencies wanting to come onto Martu ngurra.  These agreements cover exploration and mining, track and road access, installation of services and equipment and travelling across ngurra.
  • Martu common law holders met in 2021 and approved the establishment of an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) over the wala (Percival Lakes, Lake Auld and Lake Waukarlycarly ) in the northern half of ngurra. JYAC has submitted an IPA plan to the Commonwealth Government, that used years of work by KJ and Martu.
  • JYAC and the WA Government have reached agreement for recognition of native title over Karlamilyi National Park and for a joint management arrangement of this park – the largest in Western Australia.

These big changes in Martu control and management of ngurra will require more Martu rangers and give families opportunities to be part of protecting ngurra.